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After 15 weeks, the East Winter Night Shelter 2018/19 closed on Wednesday 27th March having had nearly 350 of people giving their time in either the Drop-In or Shelter over those 15 weeks. Others, we know, have been keeping it in their prayers, have donated clothes, food or toiletries during that time.

THANK YOU to you all!! Every single shift, prayer and donation helps and we seriously can’t do it without you.

It’s been a record-breaking season in many ways. We’ve run it for 15 weeks – three more than in recent years – and three new churches have started hosting, bringing the total to 15. We have also been full for the first time with 10 guests on the books and on some nights all of them have stayed.

Every time we have put out an appeal for slots to be filled, you have delivered and you have ensured that we have not had to close Shelter due to lack of helpers. We only had one night out, Boxing Day, when our small number of guests had accommodation for the night.

As usual we will be having a Winter Night Shelter Review and that will be in mid-May. Keep an eye out for the date as we would like to see as many of you there as possible and update you on how all the guests are getting on.

In the meantime, the work of Renewed Hope Trust continues during the day at the Drop-In and at the Sunday Real Meal, where we will support this year’s guests for as long as they need it.