Because there is no such thing as ‘no hope’

We work closely with:

Community Debt Advice

eSOS (East Surrey Outreach Service)

Easter Project

East Surrey Police


The National Probation Service

Rape Crisis Surrey & Sussex (RCSS)

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

Tandridge District Council

Our Supporting Partners:

Over 30 local churches and faith groups

Including Christ Central and their West Central coffee shop

Staff & Management of The Belfry, Redhill

Marks & Spencer, Redhill


Round Table

The Seroptomists

Sainsbury’s, Redhill

Waitrose, Horley

Register as a Volunteer

Register as a Volunteer

13th Dec 2017 - 7th March 2018

Brief Job Descriptions

Information for Volunteers

Renewed Hope Trust

Information for Volunteers

The Shelter is open mid December - early March. If you would like to join us as a volunteer after you have read this information, please click here and fill in your details.

Winter Night Shelter Shifts.

Evening Shift:        6:45pm  - 10:30pm

Night Shift:           10:00pm - 6:00am

Morning Shift:        6:00am  - 7:45am

Training.  Ideally volunteers need to have attended one of our 2-hour evening training courses before they can work at the Shelter.  This covers an introduction to homelessness, mental health, professional boundaries, health and safety, and shift procedures.  With the agreement of the Venue Coordinator in discussion with the Project Manager, some exceptions can be made, normally so long as the volunteer is booked for the next available training. Feel free to come along to the training before you commit to volunteering at the Shelter if you have any queries or concerns.

Volunteers should be aware that they won’t always be busy when on shift; there is generally a fairly leisurely pace. Sometimes they may find themselves just chatting, playing a game or doing a jigsaw with guest and other volunteers for part of their time on shift.  This does not mean they aren’t needed - their role helps to create a social and relaxing atmosphere, even if they aren’t always engaging directly with the guests. Sometimes there are a lot more volunteers than guests. This is also okay.

There will be enough food and time for volunteers to have a meal during their shift.  Some volunteers do a longer stint by volunteering for two consecutive shifts on the same day (e.g. an evening and a night shift, or night shift followed by a morning shift).  Most people on the night shift are happy to have their breakfast at the venue.

NB. It is really important that you turn up if you commit to a shift. If we do not have sufficient volunteers to run a shift we have to close the shelter for that whole night. Please consider offering to do the odd Night Shift if you can.  This is the most difficult time to get cover.

Locations   Most of the venues are easily accessible by public transport, and most have a car-park or on-street parking near-by.

The dates and venues for Night Shelter and training will be confirmed via our Dutyman rostering system to potential volunteers in October.