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We work closely with:

Community Debt Advice

eSOS (East Surrey Outreach Service)

Easter Project

East Surrey Police


The National Probation Service

Rape Crisis Surrey & Sussex (RCSS)

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

Tandridge District Council

Our Supporting Partners:

Over 30 local churches and faith groups

Including Christ Central and their West Central coffee shop

Staff & Management of The Belfry, Redhill

Marks & Spencer, Redhill


Round Table

The Seroptomists

Sainsbury’s, Redhill

Waitrose, Horley

Register as a Volunteer

Register as a Volunteer

13th Dec 2017 - 7th March 2018

Brief Job Descriptions

Information for Volunteers

Renewed Hope Trust

Winter Night Shelter - Brief Job Descriptions

Venue Coordinator is a Member of the Church/ Organisation

The Venue Coordinator along with the Project Manager is responsible for guests and volunteers on the night the shelter uses their building. S/he is often but not required to be the Evening Shift Supervisor. All Venue Coordinators will receive extra training and support one another.

The Venue Coordinator is responsible for:

Shift Supervisor

6.45pm - 10.30pm

The Shift Supervisor or Supervisors – this can be a shared role - is/are in charge of the evening, night or morning shift at the night shelter venue.

Is responsible for:

Evening Volunteers

6.45pm - 10.30pm

On the Evening Shift there are four Evening Volunteers supporting the Evening Supervisor. They remain with guests throughout the evening and join the evening meal. They should have good interpersonal skills so as to help create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Taking part in card/board games. TWO volunteers need to accompany guests in the smoking area.

Responsible for:

Evening Meal Supervisor

6.45pm - 10.30pm

The Evening Meal Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that two courses of food are provided for up to 20 people, either by organising people to bring prepared food (often donated by the church or venue member) and thoroughly heating it, or if holding a Food Hygiene Qualification, cooking the meal from scratch. With the help of the Evening Meal Assistants and Servers they ensure that the kitchen and its equipment is cleaned and returned to its original state.

Evening Meal Assistants and Servers

6.45pm - 10.30pm

Help the Evening Meal Supervisor to prepare and serve the meal, collect dishes and wash up after the meal. ALL the Evening Meal helpers eat with the other volunteers and guests.

Night Shift Team  3-4 Volunteers comprising:

Night Shift Supervisor

10.00pm - 6.00am

This can be a shared role, is in charge of the volunteers and guests overnight. They may take turns to sleep or remain awake as arranged with the rest of their team.

Night Shift Assistant(s)

10.15pm - 6.00am

Prepared to remain awake at least part of the overnight shift 10.15 – 06.00.

The Sleeper

10.15pm - 6.00am

Expects to arrive and go to sleep but be prepared to be awakened in the unlikely event of an extra pair of hands being required.  

Morning Shift Team  2-4 Volunteers comprising:

Morning Supervisor

6.00am - 7.45am

Is in charge of the team who make breakfast and return the venue back to its pre-Shelter state.

Frequently some of the Night Shift are prepared to stay through the Breakfast Shift.  It is possible for anyone from the Night Shift to sign up for this role.  

The Morning Shift Supervisor will sensitively awaken the guests in time for them to be ready to leave/be collected at the pre-arranged time.

Morning Assistants

6.00am - 7.45am

The food for Breakfasts will be at the venue. The Team ask, prepare and serve breakfast to the guests and themselves.

Responsible for:


Drivers coordinate with Venue Coordinators to arrange collection and delivering guests’ sleeping bags etc. and Shelter Box from the venue in morning and delivering to next venue in the evening (18.30 – 19.15 approx.)

Venue Based Laundry Assistant  - this is the one role where living close to the venue is an advantage.

Tea towels, towels and very occasionally sleeping bags need laundering. Working closely with the Venue Coordinator makes this an easy way of helping and supporting the project.

Standby – Evening, Night, Morning

Volunteers who are prepared to be called at short notice to cover for any duty that has suddenly become ‘volunteer required’ on the Evening, Night or Morning shifts.