Because there is no such thing as ‘no hope’

We work closely with:

● East Surrey Police

● The National Probation Service

● Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

● Tandridge District Council

Our Supporting Partners:

● Waitrose Horley

● The Surrey Mirror

● Marks & Spencer Belfry Redhill

● St Margaret's Chipstead

● Reigate Methodist Church

● The Salvation Army

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Register as a Volunteer

Dec 17th 2015 - Mar 6th 2016

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Renewed Hope Trust


The Renewed Hope Trust exists to show our deep concern for the homeless and disadvantaged in the Redhill area. In an atmosphere of unconditional love and compassion we seek to offer acceptance and respect to all. This includes practical support such as food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, assistance finding employment and training as well as building relationships, listening and caring.

We believe this should be done professionally and monitored regularly. As an interdenominational Christian group, we believe that Jesus Christ loves everyone. We seek to see all who come to us given a new hope and the opportunity to build a new life.

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Report on Winter Night Shelter 2015-16 by project coordinator, Alice Banks

The day before the First Night I sent an email around the venues advising all that no one from Housing or Probation had replied to my emails asking if they had any potential guests, so be prepared to stand down the troops over that first weekend.

The morning of 17th December the phone and email box were buzzing. By the evening I had interviewed and accepted 3 guests with 2 more including our first female joining us on day 2.  

I have been made aware of 28 homeless people. 15 people had local connections and opted to be referred when they learned what we can offer and the rules by which we operate. I have accepted 9 guests, 8 of whom are expecting a bed tonight, the other has accommodation elsewhere. 3 potential guests did not turn up to interview, a further 3 preferred to remain in their present ‘accommodation’, this included sofa surfing and tents.

114 beds have been booked and amazing food cooked for our guests – 13 times a guest has not attended having said that s/he was coming. Guests receive a warning or Yellow card for this behaviour as now we have a full house they could be depriving someone else from a safe, warm place to stay and the opportunity to begin to turn their life around.

In the week before Christmas we received such generosity from so many quarters that I honestly didn’t know what to do with the gifts and would have been hard pressed to find storage even had we still had the building in Cromwell Road. I believe in sharing.  Other charities for the homeless in London, Croydon, Kent and Brighton have benefitted from our surplus and I am renting a space short term to house the remainder.  If anyone has a dry secure place where I can access the tinned food I would appreciate hearing from you.

If you hear that Renewed Hope Trust is defunct/has no funding please be assured that this is not so.  Although not only the logistics but also the practical aspects of running a Floating Winter Night Shelter and a Floating Drop-In are a headache, I am managing it.

The Floating Drop-In is open 11.00 - 15.00 most days during the week.  On Saturday the guests have an invitation to join for lunch the other lucky people who enjoy the company and facilities of the Easter Project hosted by St Mary’s Church, Reigate.  

The volunteer base has massively increased, we have given training to over 273 potential volunteers this season and while some people have commented that they would have preferred not to learn how to recognise/deal with alcohol or drug related problems, more have found the new training useful and several have had a ‘quiet word’ and said that this made sense of the behaviour of a colleague or family member.

The 5 new venues that have already begun to host are working well.  All the Venue Coordinators on the team are amazing people.  Between us we seem able to find a way that enables the Rules of Night Shelter to remain constant while making allowances for the specialness of each venue.

In short there are not enough hours in my day but I know we are doing God’s work, for every time I seem to be about to hit a wall, an opening into a better place ‘appears’.

Thank you for your ongoing support in prayer, help and also for those who I do not meet up with, but who by giving even what you always say is “a small sum” by Monthly Standing Order helps us to budget.