Because there is no such thing as ‘no hope’

We work closely with:

Community Debt Advice

eSOS (East Surrey Outreach Service)

Easter Project

East Surrey Police


The National Probation Service

Rape Crisis Surrey & Sussex (RCSS)

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

Tandridge District Council

Our Supporting Partners:

Over 30 local churches and faith groups

Including Christ Central and their West Central coffee shop

Staff & Management of The Belfry, Redhill

Marks & Spencer, Redhill

My Local, Horley


Round Table

The Seroptomists

Waitrose, Horley

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Register as a Volunteer

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Renewed Hope Trust


The Renewed Hope Trust exists to show our deep concern for the homeless and disadvantaged in the Redhill area. In an atmosphere of unconditional love and compassion we seek to offer acceptance and respect to all. This includes practical support such as food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, assistance finding employment and training as well as building relationships, listening and caring.

We believe this should be done professionally and monitored regularly. As an interdenominational Christian group, we believe that Jesus Christ loves everyone. We seek to see all who come to us given a new hope and the opportunity to build a new life.

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It isn’t only clergy and Father Christmas who are accused of only working during certain periods of the year!  Renewed Hope Trust works all year around to provide direct support to our clients, to prevent or respond to their homelessness and once they become our Guest or a Drop-Inner to respond to the specific needs of each individual regardless how complex.  

The Drop-In is offered all year around, the number of times per week altered according to need and season. Publicising the work and needs of local people for our support, fundraising as well as outreaching are part of every month.

Renewed Hope Trust has had a challenging summer. After over 20 months of prayer and searching for a permanent base we came across a property that while larger than we actually needed, and less central than ideal, seemed as if it might be the answer to those prayers.  Everything seemed to be progressing.  I was poised to write something for the website when we hit a wall or that is what it felt like, but it turned out that rather than being an actual wall, we were in a maze and going up the wrong avenue.  Turning around we saw the light, and so it is with great delight that I am able to announce that:

Renewed Hope Trust has agreed to rent office and Drop-In space from Christ Central Church, 3 London Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1LY.  

A room is being prepared for our use, we will continue to rent The Den at Christ Central Tuesday 11.00 - 15.00 and Thursday noon – 15.00 until end of October when we will move into our specially created room and begin to add Drop-In days until we are offering 5 days a week before Night Shelter begins on Wednesday 14th December.

The central location and to be able to continue to work alongside the staff of Three Central, Community Debt Advice and West Central Café all of whom have become friends is really exciting. Thank you for your prayers and support while we have been in the wilderness for so many months.

With this major issue sorted we can turn our attention to increasing the helpers of the Charity.  People bringing their own talents and skills to the Drop-In – baking, humour, specific knowledge, or a patient listening ear, to carry out some basic admin, write copy for Pew News sheets, Facebook, Twitter.  If you have any of these skills we would love to welcome you on board.

We are also looking for ADDITIONAL TRUSTEES, particularly people with experience in BUSINESS – MARKETING – FINANCE – PROMOTION – TRAINING etc. If you think that you could offer help/advice to us please make contact with Alice Banks, via email


We have a new Home! See below!